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Equip Your Kids for a Life of


The Teenage Tycoon Mastermind empowers kids and teens to take control of their financial future—giving them the skills, success habits, community, and mindset training our nation's public schools AREN’T teaching them…

…so they can create their own income streams and make money on their own terms RIGHT NOW and for the rest of their lives!

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The Teenage Tycoon Mastermind is an advanced, hands-on mentorship program that teaches kids and teens how to make money and build wealth on their own terms, through the power of entrepreneurshipreal estate investing, and good financial habits.

Your kids don’t have to wait till they’re adults to start taking action and building a life of financial freedom!

My name is Bill Allen.

I’m a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and retired Navy pilot. I’m the CEO of a real estate investing training company with some of the most powerful and life-changing real estate mentoring programs in the world.

And over the past few years inside my real estate mastermind groups, I've noticed something incredible... something completely unexpected...

Even though our mentoring programs are primarily aimed at adults, we've seen lots of kids and teens following along with what their parents are doing, taking responsibility for their own financial destiny.

And over the past few years inside my real estate mastermind groups, I've noticed something incredible... something completely unexpected...

Even though our mentoring programs are primarily aimed at adults, we've seen lots of kids and teens following along with what their parents are doing, taking responsibility for their own financial destiny.

We have a young man who’s working on flipping his 3rd house right now at just 14 years old.

We have teenagers buying rental properties (that will make them passive income forever) while they’re still in high school.

We even had a 12-year-old who did 90% of the work to flip a house himself and only needed a little help from his dad for things like signing contracts.

These kids—and many others—are actively creating a future of financial independence for themselves…

…a future where they won’t be trapped on the 9-to-5 hamster wheel like so many adults in America and around the world.
And because of the actions they’re taking RIGHT NOW…

And the hard LESSONS they’re learning along the way…

…these kids are going to start life WAY ahead of their peers, giving them the opportunity to lead and impact others while living life on their own terms.

After seeing so many kids experiencing so much success, I knew we had to scale this opportunity.

I knew we had to create a SYSTEM to FINANCIALLY EMPOWER as many kids AS POSSIBLE.

That system is here.

We're calling it the Teenage Tycoon Mastermind.

This isn't just about "saving money" or "building your credit score" or "getting a good safe job."

Yes, those things are important.

But this program goes way beyond that.

The Teenage Tycoon Mastermind is about entrepreneurship.

It's about helping kids learn how to take calculated risks, how to make strategic investments, how to break out of the passive, society-induced “consumer mindset” that’s being pushed on us left and right…

This is about waking our kids up to the truth that they CAN and SHOULD take control of their own financial future starting right now!

If you want to help your kids develop financial independence and control their income so they’re ready for a rich and fulfilling adulthood…

…hit the button below to get on a walkthrough call with my team, and let's see if the Teenage Tycoon Mastermind is a good fit for your family!

Ryleigh E.

I flipped my first house when I was 16 and made $22,100. (I got 3 offers over asking price in 48 hours when I sold it!) I bought my first car with the money I made. I learned so much doing this… what one person can do, another can do!

Olly W.

I turned 14 in August. I made $20,000 flipping my first house, and I took that money and put it into a bigger house I’m flipping now. I like that I’m making enough money to help others and that I have the flexibility to do that. My goal for next year is to do 2 or 3 houses. I’m excited to be part of a group, and I’m excited to meet more kids who are into this!

Sophia M.

I’ve completed 7 real estate deals in the past 2 years, from age 15 to 17. I made roughly $50,000 profit total. I’ve gotten to speak on stages at real estate events, and I know that if I want to do something, I can do it. There's nothing in my way!

How It Works

In Teenage Tycoon, kids and teens start earning, saving, and investing money on their own...

...while building confidence, business skills, and financial literacy.

The objective is to empower and equip kids to launch their first income stream in less than 12 months (likely much sooner than that).

This isn’t just about “financial literacy.”

It’s about actually making money, right now.

1 year from now, your kid will be able to talk about entrepreneurship and investing at a level beyond 90% of adults.

And they won’t just be talking about it… they’ll be applying what they've learned.

The only question is…

Are you ready for a life-changing journey?

25 Virtual Mentoring Sessions

Real entrepreneurs. Cutting-edge insights.


Proximity is power—and the core of this program is about putting kids and teens in direct contact with some of the most successful serial entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and business leaders in North America.

Over the course of 12 months, members of Teenage Tycoon will participate in 25 virtual group mentoring sessions with people like Russell Brunson, Alison Prince, Jaime Cross, Andy McFarland, and many more.

These deep-dive sessions will run for 1 to 2 hours and introduce kids to the opportunities, income models, struggles, pitfalls, and mindset shifts that have shaped the fortunes of today’s economic innovators. Speakers will break down specific systems kids can use to start earning money for themselves. They’ll cover critical business principles and dig into mindset growth tactics, how to gain confidence, how to overcome fear of failure, and other personal development topics.

Russell Brunson

Walter Bond

Donald Miller

Bill Allen

Jaime Cross

Andy McFarland

Alison Prince

Nick Santonastasso

Edward Collins

Dozens of Income Streams

So many business models, so little time…


Financial empowerment isn’t one-size-fits-all. Teenage Tycoon introduces kids and teens to multiple ways of making money so they can identify and pursue the path they’re most passionate about—and that fits best with their strengths, interests, and personality traits.

Over the next 12 months, we’ll break down income systems like…

  • House Flipping
  • ​Rental Property Investing
  • ​House Hacking
  • ​Wholesaling
  • ​Stock Market Investing
  • ​Retirement Savings
  • ​Ecommerce / Shopify
  • ​Dropshipping
  • ​Vending Machines
  • ​YouTube / Video Creation
  • ​Social Media
  • ​Digital Freelancing
  • ​Affiliate Marketing
  • ​Arbitrage, Reselling, & “Garage Sale” Flipping
  • ​Vendor Sales (Fairs & Farmers’ Markets)
  • ​Pet Sitting / Dog Walking / Mobile Pet Grooming
  • ​Photography & Videography Freelancing
  • ​Landscaping & Mowing Lawns

...and more!

Video Courses & Resources

The “secret curriculum” kids aren’t getting in schools…


Created and recorded by actual successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors, the comprehensive videos courses inside Teenage Tycoon are unlike anything available on YouTube or anywhere else.

  • Money Fundamentals & Financial Decision-Making

    Teenage Tycoon equips kids and teens with essential money management skills, from budgeting and saving to understanding investments, credit scores, good debt versus bad debt, and how to make sound financial decisions. Our goal is to empower kids to use money confidently and responsibly, setting them on the path to financial success.
  • Business Skills & Strategic Thinking

    After we’ve laid a solid financial foundation, kids will develop the critical skills needed for entrepreneurship and business success. They'll master the art of strategic thinking, honing their problem-solving abilities, decision-making prowess, and effective communication skills while gaining the mental tools to bring innovative ideas to life.
  • Active & Passive Real Estate Investing Systems

    Flipping, wholesaling, house hacking, buying rentals—it’s all here. There are countless ways to make money in real estate, and this is a core focus inside the program. Kids will learn strategies for both active, hands-on investing and passive, income-generating real estate ventures so they can start earning money now while building wealth for the future.

2 Live Events

Powerful in-person workshops, with virtual options available!


Get ready for the most action-packed, transformative element of Teenage Tycoon—live events! Covering essential topics like real estate investing, entrepreneurship, personal development, financial literacy, and more, these immersive sessions are designed to move kids from “theory” to “implementation.”

At these events, kids will learn directly from industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, and seasoned real estate investors. They’ll tackle real-world challenges, applying their newfound knowledge and developing confidence-boosting experience and skills. In addition, these workshops will foster connections with like-minded peers, creating a supportive environment to further your child's journey toward financial empowerment.

We highly recommend attending in-person—but if you aren’t able to do so, don’t worry! We’ll have equally-immersive virtual options available so everyone can be part of the action.

Reading & Discussion Groups

No mind-numbing “school curriculum” here…


What we read shapes our thoughts. Our thoughts create our actions. Our actions determine our success. Inside Teenage Tycoon, kids and teens will journey through a carefully-curated selection of life-shaping books on topics like business strategy, mindset, leadership, problem-solving, resilience, creativity, and personal development. Along the way, kids will share their takeaways and what they’ve learned from the assigned reading, sparking meaningful discussions that cultivate critical thinking skills and comprehension.

Our structured format ensures that every child's voice is heard, promoting effective communication and teamwork and giving kids access to new ideas and perspectives.

Life-Changing Friendships

Plug your kids into a friend group that will pull them upward…


In our social-media-infected world, cyberbullying and “toxic relationships” have never been more rampant… and kids face constant pressure to “conform” to the shallow ideological trends and fatalistic passivity of the day. It’s stressful and discouraging for kids and parents alike.

This community is different.

Teenage Tycoon unlocks your child's full potential by surrounding them with the kind of kids you want them to be around—ambitious, motivated, and goal-oriented. They'll connect with role models who will help shape their future in a positive way and forge lasting friendships while building important social skills.

What Future Do You Want for Your Family?

Imagine how different your kid’s life will be 12 months from now

When they can sit down at Thanksgiving dinner and confidently dig into financial topics with any adult in the room…

When they’re already earning a steady income for themselves before they’ve even graduated high school…

When they’re saving enough to put themselves through college (if they want) instead of relying on parents or taking on loads of high-interest debt that will hold them back for decades…

When they’re paying for their own car, phone plan, and “fun money” with a stable side hustle just a few months from now…

When they’re plugged into a friend group that promotes positive thinking and makes hard work and success seem “cool” (or “lit” or “based” or whatever kids are saying these days!)...

When they’re making money comfortably on their own terms without having to spend years stuck in one of those minimum-wage “teenager jobs” that we all hated…

Imagine this transformation for your kid or teen.

Imagine how rewarding it will be for them, in the short-term and for the rest of their life.

Imagine how you’ll feel watching them grow and flourish.

Can you picture it?

I’d like to invite you and your family to join us in this movement.

It starts with a quick call where you’ll get to know my team and more about how Teenage Tycoon works. We’ll discuss whether the program is a good fit for you and your kids right now.

Hit the button below to get started.

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